concerts, presentations, meetings, etc


When organizing an event, the sound has to be perfect for your message to reach your audience in the best way. In Bengoa Audiovisuales we help you to do so by having the best equipment on the market in microphones, amplification, speakers and much more, and combining it with our 20 years of experience in the sector.

From an event in a small room, through institutional press conferences attended by different audiovisual channels, following with a concert both indoors and outdoors, and reaching mass events with thousands of people as the Behobia-San Sebastian, we try to offer the best service, adapting it to your needs so that your message is heard in the best way.

We have all kinds of handheld, headset and lectern microphones; the best brands speakers of all sizes, to reach a wider audience, and professional soundboards, both analog and digital, and we always ensure that the sound quality is the best, thanks to our excellent equipment, leading the market of sound technology.

Your message is important: we want to share it with the best quality.